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Dr. Reuben: A Story of transformation


Dr. Reuben Faloughi is a multi-talented human driven by passion for maximizing innate potential in himself and others. Dr. Faloughi combines the skills acquired through life experiences as a Division I student-athlete, therapist/licensed psychologist, educator, artist, and consultant into action with aims to enhance the wellbeing of our human community.


Dr. Faloughi earned his doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri (MU). As a graduate student, Dr. Faloughi published in peer reviewed psychology journals, was an invited plenary speaker at the American Psychological Association, and was 'tapped' into MU's Rollins Society, a prestigious secret society that recognizes graduate students who have “significantly advanced the well-being of the community beyond the scope of their academic work.” While in graduate school at MU, Dr. Faloughi gained national notoriety in 2015 for co-organizing #ConcernedStudent1950 and the Student Coalition for Critical Action (SCCA), which were both student-led collectives engaged in change efforts to improve campus climate and address long-standing systemic racism and other forms of institutional oppression. Aligned with those efforts, Dr. Faloughi co-founded and ran The Bridge, a multicultural center within the College of Education established to develop and expand the multicultural knowledge, awareness, and skills of students, faculty, and staff. Dr. Faloughi’s dissertation research, Examining the Effects of an Intergroup Dialogue-Based Diversity and Social Justice Course on Students' Multicultural Competencies, was a quantitative evaluation of an intergroup-based diversity and social justice course he developed and taught. The course showed promising results including improvement in student’s understanding of similarities and difference across culture and identity; and increases in critical consciousness (understanding of systemic oppression). The course continues to be required for all incoming students to the University of Missouri’s College of Education and was recently published in the inaugural edition of the Journal of Prevention and Health Promotion.

Combining his training as a psychologist, engagement in activism, and other life experiences, Dr. Faloughi collaborates with individuals, organizations, non-profit agencies, community groups, schools and universities to co-create personal and professional development experiences that inspire cohesion, growth, and transformation. Over the past five years, Dr. Faloughi has shared his talents and teachings with individual change agents/activists, K-12 and college students, teachers, faculty, senior administrators, musicians, athletes, religious organizations, and more.  He has spoken and conducted workshops at various organizations including the American Psychological Association, Harvard University, Stanford University, Berklee College of Music, University of Missouri, University of Puget Sound, Westminster University, University of Florida, University of South Florida, and more. 

With unique zeal and authenticity, Dr. Faloughi shares from his personal journey and expertise in diversity and social justice to inspire individual and collective growth. With humor, passion, compassion, intellect, and a collaborative style he creates engaging opportunities for transformation. To learn more, please explore the links below or contact Dr. Faloughi.

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