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Smile! Its a 

free to

gift to you and the world! 

~Reuben FAloughi

"Reuben has taught and led workshops on our campus with undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. He has an incredible talent for engaging a broad set of audiences helping them grapple with the challenging discussions of race, bias, and change on college campuses. Years after Reuben's presentation, our faculty still refer to it as powerful and informative to the work that they are doing with our students. Reuben is one of the most powerful speakers that I have seen on our campus. If you have any questions, invite him. He's remarkable. 

J.Calvert / Associate Dean of Residential Education /

Stanford University

"Reuben Faloughi is a dynamic, thoughtful scholar who has the innate ability to facilitate difficult conversations with a unique combination of charisma, seriousness, and sensitivity. I have seen him patiently working with a wide range of faculty and students of various demographics, putting them at their ease yet challenging them to push forward in their thinking about the responsibility we all have to ourselves and to those around us. Very few people who take on the topic of social justice, civil rights and racial equality, can do so from a position of active experience in the movement combined with thoughtful reflection about that complicated terrain.  Reuben is an exceptional example of one who can do so without condescension or self-absorption. It is clear to all those who have heard him speak or watched him work through a difficult dialogue that his ultimate goal is to make our world a better place."

S.Shonekhan / Black Studies Department Chair /

University of Missouri

"My experience with the workshop was amazing!  The workshop helped me tap into my inner self and inner peace and also showed me that it does not take materialistic items to have peace and positive energy. One significant improvement that has resulted from the workshop is how I look at every situation now. I have adopted the glass half full technique. I look at the good in every situation now."

J. Dawson  / Educator & Coach  / East Jackson High School

"I attended a short experiential workshop with Reuben at the American Psychological Association's annual convention and wish it could have been longer! I went to the workshop hoping to gain useful skills that I could immediately use that would make me more effective in teaching difficulty topics in the classroom. Reuben was personable, encouraging, and put the group at ease. In addition to the technique he taught us, I gained a lot by watching how he taught it to us and how he interacted with us as participants- something that it very difficult to learn though a book. I would absolutely attend another workshop put on by Reuben and believe others will find working with him valuable as well."

A. Ibaraki / Doctoral Intern / University of Oregon

What I liked about Reuben's class most was the overall educational value of the class. You're not just reading from a textbook and absorbing all of this knowledge you're getting real life experiences from different students and learning about them. 

Anonymous Undergraduate Student /  Course Evaluation Circa Fall 2017 following completion of R. Faloughi's Diversity and Social Justice  Course (Dissertation Curriculum) /University of Missouri

"As a result of my work with Reuben, I have gotten to unearth perspectives that had so far eluded me in my understanding of inter-group dynamics and inter-cultural understanding. His calm and attentive approach in opening a space for me to "use my words" has facilitated exchanges marked by deep reflection and powerful personal insights. I can firmly say that every exchange we have had, seeking deeper understanding of how I relate to the world around me, has resulted in the expansion of my comprehension and my Human Becoming. Working with Reuben will place you in front of a humanist who gets the importance of interpersonal relationships for the betterment of humanity at familial, organizational and systemic levels of society. His emphasis on personal responsibility creates authentic empowerment and inspired action."

G. Malfatti / Director of Global Engagement /

University of Missouri

"I attended a presentation by Reuben at the American Psychological Association annual professional conference. I appreciated the way he presented his experience in an engaging way by using his energy and humor. His talk gave me a supportive push to stay active in challenging systems of oppression. Reuben has a genuine way of seeing the potential in everyone he interacts with, and invites individuals, communities, and systems to do better. "

C. Eddy  / Doctoral Student  / University of Missouri

"Reuben Faloughi is a thoughtful, engaging, dynamic, and poignant speaker.  He took a select group of high school juniors and seniors on an intellectual “trip”, which expanded their understanding of some very important and meaningful issues around race and racism that were directly connected to their lives.  Reuben has the ability to make instant connections with his audience and to get them to hear his calming demeanor.  In sharing his experiences, our students saw themselves in him and clearly understood that he was a prime example of someone who is working diligently to make the world a better place – and, through Reuben’s example, they can make the world a better place.  Please do yourself a favor and bring Reuben to your school, business, or workplace.  You won’t regret it."     

G. Simmons/ Educator/ Muriel W. Battle High School

"I thought how Reuben created a community with the class was awesome. I enjoyed how he structured every class, and everyday was different. I also loved how it was discussion based."

Anonymous Undergraduate Student /  Course Evaluation Circa Spring 2017 following completion of R. Faloughi's Diversity and Social Justice Course (Dissertation Curriculum) /University of Missouri

"Reuben was the best instructor I've had this year and this class was exactly what I needed It's fantastic and I wish every student at Mizzou could take the class with him."

Anonymous Undergraduate Student /  Course Evaluation Circa Spring 2016 following completion of R. Faloughi's Diversity and Social Justice Course (Dissertation Curriculum) /University of Missouri


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